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CTAS Forms

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Tribal Community & Justice Narrative Profile Template
Application Cover Sheet
Application Timeline

Purpose Area Narratives

PA 1: Public Safety and Community Policing (COPS)
PA 2: Comprehensive Tribal Justice Systems Strategic Planning
PA 3: Justice Systems and Alcohol and Substance Abuse (BJA)
PA 4: Tribal Justice System Infrastructure Program (BJA)
PA 5: Violence Against Women Tribal Governments Program (OVW)
PA 6: Children's Justice Act Partnership for Indian Communities (OVC)
PA 8: Tribal Juvenile Healing to Wellness Courts (OJJDP)
PA 9: Tribal Youth Program (OJJDP)
*Purpose Area 7 is not included in CTAS this year. OVC will be funding a comprehensive victim services solicitation in FY 2020, however, it will be a stand-alone solicitation not included in CTAS.

Required Detail Forms

Financial Capability Questionnaire
Budget Detail Worksheet and Demographic Form
OVW (PA#5) Ten Applicant Risk Assessment Questions